Director: Professor Viktor Arkhipov

Graduated from Moscow Conservatory. Studied under Lev Naumov, Alexei Nasedkin and Mikhail Mezhlumov. What he learned at the Moscow Conservatory with Rachmaninoff's teacher, the famous pianist and teacher Zverev's disciple Igumnov's direct disciple, Igumnov's Vladimir Bakk, led to the Bakk method. Professor Arkhipov himself is a Neigaus sect. Together with Bakk, he independently studied virtuoso pianism, which has been inherited by Russia, beyond the school, and wrote and published it as Bakk Handmade.

He has been teaching at the Branch of Leningrad Conservatory (Petrozavodsk Conservatory) for decades and his graduates are active all over the world. Currently, he is working to train talented pianists in each country.


Achievements in teaching Japanese: Hina Shiotsuka (2020 St. Petersburg International Piano Competition Gold Award, 2019 Spivakov Foundation International Music Festival Performed with Igor Rahman Chamber Orchestra (in Moscow). Osaka International Music in Domestic Competition Many prizes such as 1st place in the competition. Performed with Igor Rahman Chamber Orchestra in Moscow.)