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--Bakk Handmade --What is the Bakk method?

This is a method for becoming a virtuoso pianist, developed by Professor Arkhipov of this Conservatoire, who studied at the Moscow Conservatory with Russian virtuoso pianist Vladimir Bakk. No pianist can teach this method other than a professor. This method is based on special techniques and the exercises that make it possible. You can get all the techniques to become a virtuoso pianist. It is possible to acquire this technique in a short period of 3 to 5 years regardless of childhood or age.Believe it or not,but at about the age of 10 you will be able to play Prokofiev's 3rd Concerto without much effort.  There are 17 pianists in the world who have been educated by this method, but we will be the first in Japan to disseminate this method and contribute to the reform of piano education.

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Introducing Vladimir Bakk

Vladimir Bakk (1944-2007) is a Russian virtuoso pianist. Bakk inherited that pianism from his father. Bakk's father was a disciple of the famous pianist Igumnov, and Igumnov, along with Rachmaninoff, was a subordinate of the famous teacher Zverev.

Bakk is an unparalleled talented pianist compared to Hoffman and Rachmaninoff.



Vladimir Bakk is unique. Bakk is different from others. Bakk - Pianist Star!
"Secrets of super-virtuosity" .Program, concept, system, methods, techniques, exercises
for children of prodigies, professional pianists and those who want to win the Grand Prix.

Bakk Method for Talented Children and Talented Pianists Around the World

This method is a special system for nurturing Super Virtuoso. Our aim is to create a first-class pianist with a first-class system.

Those who wish will be auditioned and consulted for taking the course one by one.

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