Online course details


・ Young pianist over 3 years old

・ Pianists who are already active as professionals

・ Amateurs and those who want to work on this method seriously


Elective course

・ 5 hours a day only

・ 3 hours each for 5 days

・ Every day for 3 months

·One year period


* Each person can take one-on-one instruction from Professor Arkhipov. Since the professor will instruct you on a special practice method with a video etc., the students will be asked to shoot a video in units of tens of seconds, and the professor will receive comments and reference videos of guidance every day. As mentioned above, you can choose the lesson period from short term to long term. If you are preparing to participate in an international competition, please contact us for details.

* The exchange will be in English. Please contact us if you need language support.