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For all talented people who want to become a virtuoso pianist

-Since 20.12.2020-

Welcome to Bakk Method Conservatory. Here you can acquire the skills you need as a top pianist in a complete online course. Please see the site for details and contact us if you have any questions.


Method inheritance flow and overview

Inherited only by the global elite

You can learn the valuable method that Professor Arkhipov, who inherits the Neigaus school, who studied pianism at the Moscow Conservatory with Vladimir Bakk, a pianist who inherits the tradition of Zverev's disciple Igumnov who was also Rachmaninoff's teacher I will.

We know of no better textbook in the world that describes technique and virtuosity than "Bakk: Handmade". 
A result that exceeds all expectations. 
And it's real!!!
We recommend it to all pianists in the world!!!

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